About Those Contracts

Like many we opted for contract phones because we wanted the latest and best phones. However couldn’t afford to just buy a 7 or $800+ phone.

The catch (there is always a catch) Your monthly payments are though the roof. Now you not only pay your monthly fee for services,but you also pay the added payment for the phone you just couldn’t live without! So is that contract phone really worth it? In this post I’ll give my opinion and experience on the matter.

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With our contract, 2 phones and 2gb of data each I was paying $190 a month. Unless by chance my payment was late, then I had extra fees. Woohoo exciting, right? No not one bit.

I know people pay much more than that monthly and I just think it’s insane! Why do we all feel we just have to have the newest,latest trendiest gadgets? And also what is that teaching our kids?

Why I Finally Switched

I talked about it for months before actually just doing it. Why? Well because you have to buy phones,change numbers, and purchase the minutes. Then set up everything for the new phone, transfer contacts etc. It’s a lot of time consuming stuff and the initial purchase a bit costly depending what phones you decide on.

Here’s the break down of the initial purchase( which ended up not being as horrible as expected) These are the 2 phones we went with, the iphone was actually on sale for $120 at the time we purchased it.

The $45 plan is the top seller with unlimited talk text and data. We opted for the $35 plan because we use WiFi  almost anyplace we go. ( Beats those contract fees)

For a grand total of $319.99 and I had $50 sitting in my Savings Catcher fund so I used that to drop it down to $269.99. Not a whole lot more than my bill would have been on that contract phone for the month!! With buying the $35 monthly plan we now pay less than $80 a month for a savings of $110 monthly!!

How Does It Add Up Over Time

We just purchased these phones in October 2017 so we saved $440 over the last 4 months. Year over year we will have saved approximately $1320! That’s a lot of money that can be put into savings or used for repairs for home or car etc.

At times I really don’t think about how much I spend for things I can live without! In past posts I talk about cutting cable and how much that saved me over a year, which was a little over $1k. In case you missed it you can read that post  here. I also had a post about saving a few dollars a week on groceries since I started using Kroger Click List if you want to read that post you can read it here.

What’s Next?

I’m on a roll trying to find ways to cut expenses, my utility bills are in line as well as car and health insurance. We used to do a lot of fast food and restaurants but cut back on those  as well. Not only is it a cost we can live without but it’s definitely not healthy!!

I’d love to know what all of you are doing or have done to cut expenses! Please share in the comments. You might have thought of things others never thought of or considered.

Oh I Almost Forgot!

That contract we had, well the company ended up having to supply us with a micro-cell tower so we could even use our phones at home.  Since they told us we had excellent coverage in our area and we are in a dead zone!! Now move on to the pre-paid no contract phones….we have coverage practically anyplace we’ve been!!

If that might have been a possible reason holding you back. Don’t let it. Oh and battery usage my high priced I can’t live without it phone had to be charged a few times a day. My Fiesta 2 stays charged for 3 days!! Yes 3 days even if I’m on it a lot. Something to think about, isn’t it?


Have A Blessed Day, Myla

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