How I Increased My Income

The Small Changes I Made That Reaped Big Results

There are a lot of tips out there on ways to land your first or even tenth client, not every technique works the same for all of us. I was using a template to pitch to clients. It wasn’t converting, meaning folks just weren’t responding.

After talking with another blogger and implementing the tips she provided, everything started changing. I was getting more responses and more interviews, more questions but most importantly……more money!!!

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  • Changed My Email Pitch
  • Going Out Of My Niche
  • My Prices And Monthly Packages


The Email

I am still growing my business and learning the ins and outs of what works for me. My thinking is if it works for me it just might work for others, and if you are new to this work from home thing like me you are probably searching and reading every piece of information you can find. I decided to share the three things I recently changed that have significantly changed the direction of my business.

Reading countless articles on ways to pitch to clients through emails I read several that I thought were fabulous so I tried to structure mine in much the same way. I was sending twenty (or more) emails a day.  A few replies most very pleasant (some not so much) but no takers. Well over 100 emails later someone suggested I change the email because she felt maybe it was too much.

Here I was thinking it sounded fabulous! I had to let this soak in for a minute and decided maybe she was right and what could it hurt to change it up? It wasn’t working in the first place. Here’s an example of the first email:


The First Pitch And How I Changed It


I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how much I enjoy (website/page). I enjoyed these posts(insert here) especially. When  I decided to look you up on Pinterest I was surprised to see you don’t seem to have a huge presence on the platform.  You really are missing out on a lot by not building on that presence.

Pinterest is huge for driving traffic to your business and if used correctly can bring you loyal subscribers/customers and increase your click-throughs which can potentially increase your revenue. As a business owner myself, I know how hard it is to keep up with your everyday business on top of it grow a presence on every platform out there. I am a Virtual Assistant and I specialize in Pinterest and wanted to let you know if you should decide you want to build a presence there I offer a few different options, which you can check out by clicking this link………

If you’re interested just get back with me and we can set up a time to chat

Thank you, Myla

The New Pitch

The new emails, I decided to go with are short and to the point. After all we are all super busy these days and reading another long drawn out email from some random person who decided to take up space in your ever growing list is not a top priority. Here is what the new email looks like:


I am contacting you because I recently visited your (website/blog)and see that you have a Pinterest account you may need help with. Pinterest is a very powerful tool for helping grow your business. I’m a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and am getting positive results for the clients I have already signed on.
If this is something you may be interested in you can check out the services I offer here: ……….

Thank you for your time, Myla


I am contacting you because I recently visited your (website/ blog )and see that you may not have a Pinterest account and wanted to see if you were interested in getting help setting one up. Pinterest is a very powerful tool for helping grow your business. I’m a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and am getting positive results for the clients I have already signed on.
If this is something you may be interested in you can check out the services I offer here:……….

Thank you for your time, Myla

Small Changes Matter

As you can see the new email is short and straight to the point. I changed one thing started receiving replies, questions and scheduling consultations within a few days of this change! Only two takers though another suggestion was maybe going outside my niche or my comfort zone. I love a challenge so I decided why not, again what can it hurt? It might be fun and I can learn something new in the process!


Thinking Outside My Comfort Zone

Not going to lie I was terrified to put myself out there in a field I have little knowledge in. But am I ever glad I did!! Three days into sending those emails to bloggers in the personal finance business I sign on my third client. Week two yet another who offered a bit of advice that I raise my rates because they were significantly lower than others who had contacted him.

Number one was shocked a client told me to charge more and two never considered the possibility it would make people think twice about hiring me. My thought was because I’m new I should start low raise rates as I get more experience. I’m all about trying something new so I went back through my packages and rates and changed them up.

New Packages and Rates

I restructured my packages and raised my rates. Now I didn’t go all crazy and set outrageous rates. What I did do was estimate approximately how long each task should take and how much pay would make it worth my time. I was offering five packages and now I offer two basic packages with more defined services. Along with that, I offer A’la Carte services geared towards Pinterest. Also offering virtual assistant services outside of Pinterest. Prices for additional services vary but can be added to the basic package for an additional fee.

This is the best part… it’s working!! I’m getting more  responses with less effort. In the beginning I was emailing twenty a day with very little luck. After the changes, I went down to five sometimes ten a day and getting more responses than I did when I was sending twenty!!!  Now I am to a point that  emailing everyday is no longer necessary. I changed three little things that’s it!!


Small Efforts Can Lead To Large Rewards

Making three little changes made a huge impact to my business. Those changes are making it possible to start planning the day I no longer need that so-called 9-5 job. Some of my clients have already left their 9-5s while others are striving to get to that place.

I love knowing that I can possibly help make that happen for them. And for me!!If you’re struggling to get established in your business maybe do what I did. Ask someone you know and trust to look things over and give honest feedback. Even if you’re unsure if it will be successful do it anyway. Sometimes you have to take that leap of faith to get where you want to be.

It really is THE LITTLE THINGS that have the biggest impact.

Have A Blessed Day, Myla







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