The number one thing that held me back, was me! Are you like me afraid to try because you think you’ll fail? I’m here to tell you to follow your dreams, you won’t regret trying and failing as much as you will regret never seeing if you could.

Did I ever think at 51 I would completely change my life direction and take a chance to do what I dreamed of? A job I love and my office in my own home!!! That answer is no, yet here I am to tell you I did that very thing!

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I randomly jump on blogs to get ideas for crafts, tips on saving money new recipes. I started reading a story about Becoming A Pinterest Virtual Assistant and was very intrigued by this idea.

I mean who doesn’t love Pinterest?!  Who knew you could get paid to create new and exciting pins for clients! Of course, there is more to it than just that but I couldn’t resist clicking that link! No hesitation I enrolled and am so grateful I did! Are you curious yet as to whether it’s right for you? No harm in checking it out right?? Find out more and jump on the waiting list here

The course is so easy to follow and so much useful information. I was so excited about it I went through the first 3 modules in one day! Gina Horkey Author of the Horkey Handbook Find out more here and Kristen Larsen Creator of Believe In A Budget Find out more here teach the course and they are a fabulous support system.

Where other programs give you a link and you’re on your own.That’s not the case here. Gina & Kristen are very supportive and continue giving helpful tips and support.

I’m just beginning this journey to do something I love, and with the tools and advice, I received from this course I am 100% confident I will succeed. If it’s not for you there are so many other opportunities out there. Don’t let fear of rejection or failure keep you from fulfilling your dream. Technology has opened up a whole new world embrace it make it yours!! Take a chance on you.

I will post updates throughout this journey for those of you who may be thinking of taking the Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant course but are undecided. If I a 51-year-old grandma can do it you can too!


There is one blog I visit often (Every week) Find it here. She posts a lot of very useful information or work from home jobs, money saving tips and much more. You may find some very useful information when you stop by to visit her site.

Have a Blessed Day, Myla