Pinterest 101

Pinterest 101

Let’s talk about the core basics or Pinterest 101. With the constant changes on Pinterest (and every other platform for that matter), it can be very confusing and frustrating. There may be times you just want to scream or pull your hair out. My hope is this post will make things a little easier and less confusing. Pinterest is constantly …

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Guest Post

Alisha Carlson is  The Strong[HER] Way mindset coach for women. She teaches women how to move, eat, and live fitness, and nutrition. Alisha helps women ditch the diet mindset so they can: create food freedom, find joy in movement, and make peace with their bodies long before they reach their goals. In this post, she talks about how to use your new …

11 Reasons you need to keep your Pinterest VA


Tailwinds SmartLooping Feature I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m excited to learn the ins and outs of this amazing¬†new feature Tailwind is rolling out! Once all of my clients have access to the new tool I will get everything set up for them and possibly re-evaluate and re-structure the services I offer. This post definitely isn’t to try …

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Why Starting A Virtual Assistant Business Could Be A Good Fit If You Have Lupus. (or any other chronic illness)

Why A Virtual Assistant You Say? Number one there are so many in-demand services that you could offer and you could potentially be on the path to a full-time work from home career. Number two you can work at your own pace in the comfort of your home. (nap and take breaks when you need to) Perfect for those of …



Living A Laptop Life I decided to start this crazy journey I’m calling my laptop life in September of 2017. I was thinking about how fabulous it will be to work from home and on my own terms. I have come to the realization¬†that building a fulltime income from home is not easy or as glamorous as others portray it …