How Pinterest Drives Traffic To Your Business

Pinterest has approximately 200 million users and they save 2 million shopping pins per day.  Pinterest is estimated to be worth 11 billion dollars! Pinners are there looking for specific reasons and are actively searching for an answer to a problem, so if they land on your page it’s because you have that answer.

Unlike Facebook or Instagram where you post and 30 minutes later it’s lost in the feed, pins on Pinterest live on for years. A pin from 5 years ago may still be driving sales to your business. Pinterest is a long-term strategy and as long as you keep pinning and staying active on the platform it will continue to drive sales, subscribers or traffic to you!!

Pinterest Is Amazing

Are you starting to see why you need to be using Pinterest? If you don’t know how much your business needs Pinterest my hope is something you read in this post will resonate with you and make you put some extra thought into it.. Maybe you already know but aren’t sure where to start or you may be looking to hire someone to do it for you. (Someone like me !)

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81% of Pinterest users are women. While 40% of new sign-ups are men. Pinterest is a very powerful tool to bring traffic and sales to your business. ( More than 50% have actually purchased something by clicking on a pin)

You don’t even need thousands of followers, but you do need a good Pinterest Strategy in place to be successful. While I only have 831 followers I have 350k monthly viewers and 10k engaged. Not too bad especially considering my time is spent on growing my clients more than mine. I’m getting more growth on their accounts. My clients prefer I don’t use them in my posts or I would show more results.

This is a pin I created and posted September 7th and already has 21..6k impressions 167 saves and 247 clicks to my blog. I can get very similar(probably better) results for you. Pinterest is huge for business and I hate to see you missing out on all that potential revenue.

3 Reasons It May Be Time To Hire A Pinterest Virtual Assistant

I. Time

2. You know you should be using Pinterest but don’t know where to start

3. You have tried but just aren’t seeing the results you were looking for in your business


Let’s Start With Time

Let’s start with time, let’s face it there just isn’t enough time in the day for you to accomplish everything on your own. in my experience is time. As a business owner, you have your hands full and the last thing you need is to add one more to the list. Outsourcing your Pinterest keeps you free to focus on your business and providing the best service to your customer/audience.

This is where I would come in.  Let me manage Pinterest for you. I will create a custom pin schedule for you, create custom pins (unless you have your own) do some manual pinning, send monthly analytics from Tailwind, Pinterest and Google. Most importantly I will make sure your Pinterest bio,  your boards, and board descriptions, as well as pins and pin descriptions, have the best SEO and Hashtags so you show up in searches.

Not to mention the ever-changing best practices. I make it a priority to check the Pinterest Best Practices and all new changes so I keep everything up to date.

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Know You Need Pinterest But Just Don’t “Get It”

Maybe you are overwhelmed with all things Pinterest and Tailwind. No time to deep dive into the analytics, or create new pins.  How to create a profile that will drive massive traffic to your business? Here is another post that tells you why your business needs Pinterest, you can check that out here

I have great news, you don’t have to know all of these things. Let someone who loves and understands Pinterest do this for you.(LIKE ME) You can hand the reigns over to me and I’ll work on a strategy to drive as much traffic to your site as I can. Once they get there and see you have what they need bam new customer. follower or subscriber.

You Have Tried But Didn’t Get The Results You Hoped For

No matter how hard you tried or how much time you put into it nothing changed. Maybe you’re just tired of looking at pins every day, whatever the situation might be. Maybe you don’t want to hand it over to someone else if that’s the case I also offer 30-minute Pinterest Strategy sessions( The first one is free) where I answer all of your questions on how to best optimize your Pinterest account.

During those sessions, I will look at your Pinterest Profile and give you a detailed plan on how to grow your presence and drive traffic back to your business. You may only need one session or you may need 10. Whatever your need I have it covered.

I Have A Solution

  I have a solution, hire someone to do it for you. Like me!! I love Pinterest, which is why I choose to make a career of it.  You can do a little happy dance now!!

I’m here to help you grow your presence on Pinterest. Freeing your time up to take care of the day to day tasks you have. Most importantly your customers!



If You Like The Idea Of Letting Someone Else Take Care Of Pinterest

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