Pinterest Has My Head Spinning

Pinterest has been hard at work the last few months making changes and updating processes and best practices. I’m loving most of the new stuff, but some features are still a bit glitchy. I realize these features have been around for a little while but I waited to write about it because I wanted to get a feel for how it all works and if I loved or hate it before giving my opinions.  These are some of the changes I love and will touch on in this post:

  • New Profile Look
  • The New Follower Tab
  • Pin Insights
  • The Activity Feed
  • Pin Sizes
  • Group Boards
  • The Hashtag (not new but still misunderstood)
  • Videos! Who knew you could pin them?? (Not ME!)

The All New Look For Pinterest Business Profiles

The New Pinterest Profile

I’m loving the new look with the header you can now fill with your choice of pins. You can choose to set it with one board or your pin feed so its the latest pins you posted. A more personalized feel when someone goes to your profile page.

This feature gives the follower a better feel for who you are and what you and your business are all about. The new header and your featured boards in my opinion help attract the audience YOU are targeting.

This is what I have mine is set up like and I rotate between boards so my audience sees different sides of my personality and the different pin designs I use to see which ones resonate best with them.

The New Follower Tab

This feature lets us see the latest pins from the people we follow. I love this feature for a couple of reasons.  One I follow these profiles because they post content I want to read and share with my followers. It also gives me the chance to say wait this person isn’t sharing anything myself or my audience would be looking for. So, why am I following them?

Don’t get me wrong I don’t go through and just unfollow everyone, but I have unfollowed a few because I know I won’t ever be an engaged follower. As content creators, we are all looking for engaged followers and followers who are looking for what we have to offer.

Pin Insights

Love this feature!! It gives me all the information I’m looking for to gauge how my pins are doing across Pinterest.

Impressions are how many eyes have possibly been on that pin. I had one that had over 1M at one point!! That was exciting to see.

Close-ups or how many times someone clicked on it for a closer look. This lets me know if that pin style caught peoples attention. I save my pins that get the best results on a secret board to kind of keep track of what style my audience responds best to.

Saves lets me know how many times that pin has been saved to a board and if you click the more stats button you also get to see exactly what boards it was saved to.

Clicks the most IMPORTANT stat, because this is how many times people when to your website to actually read your post!! This is by far the stat I pay the most attention to. 100% lets you know what your audience is looking for and what they need and want more of.

The Activity Feed

Another fun feature which you get to choose if you want to show on your public profile. I have left mine because it lets other pinners see what people have already pinned from my site. My thought on it is it may lead to someone else clicking on it to see what it’s about and why they liked it enough to save. This feature also gives me a quick look at what pins stand out to my audience.

Pin Sizes

Do they really matter? According to Pinterest Best Practices YES they do. You can read some of those best practices here. Basically a 2:3 ratio 600×900 pixels is the ideal size. If you want to go longer use the 600×1260. Longer pins were doing really well on Pinterest but things are changing and with more and more people using mobile devices the 600×900 will be the pins that get the most attention.

Group Boards

One of our favorite ways to get more eyes on our pins. This feature too is changing and may not get as much visibility going forward. Which makes it even more important to make sure your personal boards are named correctly and have key rich descriptions. Share your pins to your relevant boards on a regular basis.

I heard this information on 2 different live interviews one with Buffer the other Tailwind. You can catch those replays right here Tailwind and Buffer. A lot of really good stuff in these interviews so be sure to check these out!!

Group boards original intent was for people t collaborate on projects together and Pinterest is encouraging people to use them as they were intended.

Hashtags ####

YES YES YES use them!! In the Buffer interview, they say they suggest using all 20 that Pinterest allows. So hashtag away people! Just be sure the hashtags are relevant to your post. Pinners are searching hashtags as well as keywords.


O.K. this may not be a brand new thing but it is brand new to me!! I had no idea you could actually pin videos to Pinterest. I think this feature is so cool. Video seems to be king these days so I say use this to your advantage. If you have good video content pin it!!

I, unfortunately, don’t have any video content……yet! That’s in the works with my daughter and me. She is all about fitness, beauty, hair, make up tips and fashion. We will see how it goes once we get going on it.

A lot Of Changes

I feel like things have changed so much and so fast over the last few months that my head is literally spinning! But in a good way, I am loving the new features and look forward to mastering all of them.

Along with the theme for new things how many of you use Tailwind? How about the Tribe Insights? More on those in my next post!! If you are on the fence about whether Tailwind is beneficial, check out this post where I talk about why I use Tailwind. Be on the lookout for my next post where I talk about some of the new features Tailwind offers!!



Have A Blessed Day, Myla

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