Chronic Pain

Chronic pain differs from any other pain ,because with chronic pain your body continuously sends pain signals to your brain. The pain can start for many reasons, an injury , surgery or you are diagnosed  with a chronic illness. Whatever the origin the outcome remains the same , constant 24 /7/365 we are in pain.

Fibromyalgia , chronic fatigue syndrome , intestinal cystitis , lupus, arthritis , back pain just to name a few. I was diagnosed with fibro several years ago , but have been able to cope with that pain fairly well until recently.

I am going through a really tough time right now.  ( I will elaborate more on that a little later) I would love to suggest to you if you have never heard of  The Spoon Theory and don’t really understand us that you read it , because it describes what a day is like for those of us who suffer from chronic pain.    click here to read her story.

You Don’t Look Sick

I just love it when I hear those words come out! I may not look sick on a daily basis (Until Recently) but everyday something hurts or I’m exhausted from the insomnia that comes with the fibro. Yes there are days when the pain is more bearable but it’s always there. Stabbing, tingling, throbbing, numbing pain.

It may last hours or even days and months. According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain, 100 million in the United States. I challenge you to change your mindset when it comes to chronic pain to not judge those suffering from it. We feel uncomfortable enough as it is.

You Can Be Cured With Treatment 

No we can’t be cured , but if we get lucky with a combination of treatments we can have days weeks or months where we feel halfway normal. Pain medicine, electrical stimulation, nerve blocks, acupuncture and sometimes surgery are used to treat some of the symptoms.  Unfortunately those don’t always work either so it’s a guessing game expect the worst hope or the best. NO CURE !

Mental And Physical

Fibro fog, oh yes this is a very real thing. It’s completely embarrassing when you start to say or do something and that thought or idea is no longer there. Hiding in the fog , that’s where it went.

The fog is hard to explain because it’s  different  than just forgetting something. Moments may go buy before you realize you are staring at nothing and what were you doing? You sometimes can’t complete a sentence because the words are lost.

The pain isn’t all physical, the emotional pain is just as bad if not worse. Please don’t ever think we don’t want to be out enjoying life like everyone else. We absolutely envy you. Depression often comes with chronic pain. Frustration from Dr’s not listening or friends and family thinking you are crazy or plain lazy on top of  the being in pain it really becomes mentally exhausting.

What’s Going On With Me

Earlier I said I would get into what I’m going through right now. August 22nd I ended up in the hospital after having severe chest pains (heart is fine!) later diagnosed as pancreatitis caused from internal shingles. I was off work a few days for that and on September 6th I got struck with severe dizziness ringing ears and nausea to the point I had to call my daughter to come get me.

I call my Dr the next day but can’t get in for a week. 3 days later I’m back at the ER with severe pain on the left side and the continued dizziness. Test after test after test! Diagnosis gall stones with deferred pain and the ER Dr disagrees with the shingles idea and also suggests a second opinion.

I get prescribed Antivert for the dizziness which unfortunately did nothing. I go to my appointment my Dr wouldn’t discuss the dizziness because he thought it was a follow up on the pain so a decision was made to see a surgeon and set up a sleep study. Yes diagnosed with COPD.

I meet with the surgeon who found yet another issue with my colon and intestines and went through a week of mineral oil for breakfast and xrays a week after, thankfully things looked better. We schedule the surgery only now I’m sick. Bronchitis, tonsillitis , sinus infection fever the whole bundle. Surgery hasn’t been rescheduled because I’m still sick.

The second opinion well we discuss what I think is the most serious right now. The ringing ears and dizziness its driving me crazy and I can’t function. Its October 31st and it is still going on!! I was sent for Vestibular Therapy where they told me they didn’t believe they could help me so now I’m scheduled to see an ENT.

Pulmonologist , Ear Nose and Throat, Gastroenterologist, Surgeon. In the mean time I’m still not able to work and getting no answers. I’m in worse pain than I have ever been but the Dr doesn’t want to hear it. Nothing new for the pain , nothing for the dizziness.

I google my symptoms chronic pain disorders pop up. One of them being Fibromyalgia which I’ve all ready been diagnosed with for years. I’m not a Dr but I’m pretty sure there’s a clue there!! Which I will more vocally bring up at my next appointment.

There’s More

I started a new job in April of this year and after a few weeks started having some health issues caused from a drying agent used. Blisters in my ears, nose , mouth and throat. Random rashes popping up. It was August before I was moved from that position after several Dr visits I had enough and became much more vocal about the health concern.

My body couldn’t handle it. My opinion is this triggered all the following health issues. In the last couple days as I research my symptoms I’m convinced the Fibro is now worse and my immune system is not strong enough to fight off infections because of this.

I have never been so miserable in my entire life. I am hurting my head is spinning the ringing in my ears is so loud at times I can’t hear.

My chest hurts actually my whole body hurts and I’m completely exhausted. depressed , angry , frustrated and talk about stress! My savings is dwindling fast and if I don’t get some relief soon so I can get back to work I don’t know what I’m going to do.

I see my Dr in a few days hopefully I can update my story later with some good news or at least some answers!

Have A Blessed Day Myla



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