Lupus in the real world


Lupus and The Real World

I haven’t posted in a while. I decided to take the leap and get back to work in The Real World. I’m referring to it as the real world because I left the comfort of working from home to bring in a more stable income. While I am still working from home with my Pinterest Management business I wanted another stream of income (steady constant) to help with home repairs and holidays coming up etc.

A work from home position was the beginning of my transition back into employment and something I’m still pursuing. However, the first try was unsuccessful. One I just wasn’t quick enough getting off the calls I spent too much time trying to help rather than just making that sale. Two, what was supposed to be a Monday-Friday 8am-5pm position turned into a 12pm-8pm work every weekend position. Not an ideal schedule if you have a family.

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Taking The Leap

I started applying anyplace I thought my body could handle and finally got a job offer. Data entry is not too physical so yes! I was hoping this would be perfect.

Now I’m going to be completely upfront and honest, my body is not adjusting. Almost 2 months in and I feel worse every day and I sit all day and verify information request what’s needed. Sounds easy enough, right? My eyes have always been bad but are worse now with the dizziness so the strain on my eyes makes the headaches occur more often and much more intense.

Mandatory overtime these are words that I did not want to hear!!!! Ten hour days 6 days a week.  Still, I get up every morning and go because I have to. I made a commitment to myself and my employer.

My body and mind are in a battle with one another and so far my mind is winning, for how long…I guess time will tell.

Home Life Suffers

The exhaustion is extreme, by the time I get home my body and mind are done so I’m on the couch or in bed. I feel like there is no happy medium. I hurt, feel feverish, achy, migraines, vertigo all of it overwhelming me daily. The same symptoms I had when I wasn’t working outside the home only intensified by a thousand.

My thoughts are this after holidays go part-time put forth more time and effort into my VA business (because I have a lot more to offer than Pinterest services) put more time and effort into this blog! I have brought in a few hundred dollars from affiliate sales, these numbers could be much higher if I put in the work.

I hate not feeling like spending time with family and friends after all these are the important things in life and right now I’m missing out on so many moments.

Hope For Better Things To Come

Until the time comes that I can work on my own terms and take better care of my body and mind, I’m going to change a few things and hope they relieve some of my symptoms especially the exhaustion.

New supplements, better diet more water. The usual things tied in with essential oils, meditation some stretches maybe a little yoga. I realize none of this will be easy to implement because I feel so exhausted right now, but I feel like if I just make myself do a little something every day I have to feel at least a little better. I hope!!

We Would Love To Hear From You If

You suffer from Lupus or any other chronic illness. What ways do you cope with the pain, exhaustion, and feeling of being an outcast or alone because others don’t get it? I try not to talk about it every day but sometimes it just comes out.  My main response when being asked how I am is I’m ok or I’m good. (Neither are true)

Please leave comments or suggestions for anything that might be helpful to someone else or if you just need to vent to someone who gets it! Because I do.

Prayer! The best medicine. I pray every day and spend time in my bible because time spent with God always lifts my spirits!!