Why I Didn't Read Your Blog


Reasons Why I Didn’t Read It

While there are a few reasons I could mention these are the three I plan to discuss:

  • Endless pop-ups Blocking your blog
  • It was too long
  • The content isn’t what I expected

The Pop-ups

I am not talking the pop-ups that go away once you click the X or sign up to follow get newsletters etc. I’m talking about the one that just keeps coming back and covers the whole screen. Or once one disappears another replaces it. To a point, I can read one or two sentences of your blog if I’m lucky.

Yes, I know that I’m probably missing out on some great stuff, but I’m a busy woman with limited time and little patience. If it’s going to require a ton of effort to stay and read it I’m just not going to. There are so many fabulous blogs out there to read so I usually just move on to the next. While I was setting my page up I tried to keep this in mind, I do have a couple pop-ups. However, they don’t continuously return and do not cover the entire screen, because I want to make your visit easy and enjoyable.

Are you losing out because I chose not to stay, probably not? Think of this though, am I the only one? My guess is no, for the simple fact we are all so busy and time is precious. Just something for you to ponder. Your blog may be very popular and have tons of viewers/subscribers but how much more could you have?

How many have you left for the same exact reasons I mention? Be honest… it annoys you as too. I know I can’t be alone in the frustration.


I Was Looking For A Blog Post Not A Mini-Novel

Useful information and or fabulous content is an absolute must. I have seen and heard several times a post needs to be between 1000-3000 words. My opinion 1000 is more than enough. If a post is super long I tend to lose interest and start skimming through and read bits and pieces.

Again yes I may be missing the good stuff, the best part and maybe the info I set out to find. Like many other Americans, I’m spoiled by the fact I can click on another page to find that same info within the first 100 words or less.

Unfortunately, this is something that happens to all of us.I’m a newbie and a lot of my content is based on my thoughts and opinions. Not what a lot of folks are looking for so they leave. I don’t like it, but I’m still figuring this thing out.

Besides, I don’t want to be known as just another blogger trying to sell me something that I really don’t need. Make sense? I do touch on products and resources that I use love and trust. Some are affiliates some not, but they make my life easier so I like to share it with all of you.

However, 2 things they won’t find here are endless pop-ups or mini-novels. A quick read and they will know in a matter of seconds if they wish to read on or click away. You knew in the first 3 lines what this post would be about, thank you for staying and giving it a quick read!!

I Chose To Leave

Misleading  Blog Titles

Example(Completely made this up) Best Vacation Destinations On A Budget. If you were looking to get away but need to stick to your budget that title draws you right in doesn’t it? You start reading and reading about this fabulous vacation the writer had. Wait I thought this was a post about places to go on a budget. Where is this information? It’s what I came for.

Bye-Bye, not only am I done reading this post but this experience will stay in my mind and I’ll likely not click on anything else you post in the future. Integrity is key!! Maybe the next post I go to isn’t as well written or not as popular but if the content matches the title and those annoying pop-ups don’t ruin my experience and it’s not a novel, I’m staying.

Chances are I’ll go back again for these simple yet important reasons:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Informative
  • No content overkill
  • Most importantly they didn’t mislead me to draw me in

It’s happened to us all. At some point, we were drawn in by a cleverly written yet misleading title. Am I the only who is upset or offended by this?

Generally if what I was looking for isn’t mentioned in paragraph one I will scroll through and read subtitles. If none of those subtitles seem to have what I’m looking for I’m off to the next one.

My Opinions Only


I am really curious to hear from all of you what your thoughts are on the subject? Your thoughts on pop-ups long winded posts and misleading titles. Or any other reasons you choose not to read a particular post.

I’d love to read your comments on it!!



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Have A Blessed Day, Myla

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