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A few weeks ago my sister and I were talking and she showed me a video of soap making because she thought it looked fun. After watching that first one I came home and watched a few more, read some blogs of others making soap. This looks like so much fun was my thought, so I placed my first order and couldn’t wait for my supplies to arrive.

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Of course as with anything new the initial purchase is going to be fairly large and cost a bit more to get started. I didn’t go overboard in case it got here and wasn’t what I thought it would be. I spent less than $80.00 on my first purchase.


Here is the list from my first purchase. Everything was purchased on Amazon and included with a Prime membership. I had half the very next day and the rest arrived the following day.


The second order was much smaller and came the following day. I was just as excited for the second as the first.


My first attempt at making soap turned out better than I hoped. Lavender Butterflies, simple, easy, and in less than 20 minutes from start to pouring into the molds. It cooled for 3 hours before I took it from the molds. (it could have been done sooner but I wanted it to be cautious)

DIY Lavender Soap

Three ingredients!! Doesn’t get much easier than that 1lb. Shea Butter melt and pour base, One teaspoon Lavender essential oil, One teaspoon lavender food grade coloring.

Melt and Pour Shea Soap Base
Essential Oils
Food Grade Dyes
4 quart Pyrex Bowl
Silicone Butterfly Mold
Floral Silicone Mold


I am so happy I decided to try my hand in soap making. It was fun and believe it or not very relaxing. This was so easy to do and anybody can do this by following these simple steps:

  • Step One: Cut the 2LB block in half and then cut into smaller pieces for easier melting
  • Step Two: Place into Pyrex bowl
  • Step Three: PLace Bowl in the microwave to melt the base( I set the time at 2-minute intervals until completely melted)
  • Step Four: Add 1 tsp lavender essential oil and 1 tsp lavender food-grade dye stir until well blended
  • Step Five: Pour into molds and leave them to cool
  • Step Six: Once the soap has cooled remove from the mold and there you have it, beautiful bars of soap that smell amazing!!


Now, I enjoyed it so much the first time I decided to place another order and try another type of melt and pour base. A clear glycerine base. Also, a new mold that included cutting blades to cut the block into bars.

Silicone mold and cutting blades
Citrus Bar Soap
Citrus Bars, Lavender Butterflies, Green Eucalyptus, Red Mint
Glycerine Melt and Pour


This soap smells amazing lathers fabulously and was so easy to make!!

  • Step One: Cut2 lbs glycerine melt and pour base
  • Step Two: Place into the silicone mold ( left in the wood box)
  • Step Three: Place into microwave
  • Step Four: Set microwave at 2-minute intervals check and continue until base is cpmpletely melted
  • Step Five: Add 1tsp Orange essental oil, 1 tsp lemon essential oil, 2 tsp Tangerine fod grade dye
  • Step Six: Allow time to cool and remove from Silicone mold
  • Step Seven: Cut into desired size bars ( I did 1 and 1/2 inch bars)

If I had any clue this would be so easy, fun and relaxing I would have started years ago!! My next project is going to be gummy soaps for the grandchildren. They will love these. Maybe I will even have them help with this project.

Happy Soap Making, Myla

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