Why I’m Building My Career Through Pinterest

First let’s start with the course that got me on the right path. The Become A Pinterest VA Course is amazing. If you love Pinterest and want to earn a little extra money or make it a full time career I highly recommend it. I’ll fill you in on my journey, my why, and how my life has changed for the better.

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My Why

If you have read any of my previous posts you know already about my health issues. Those of you who haven’t I’ll touch on it a bit and attach a link to previous posts about my journey becoming a PVA and my health.

I started having some health issues in August 2017 and have been unable to work outside the home since then. (hoping for some answers soon) I came across a post about the course and was immediately intrigued.  I love Pinterest and who wouldn’t love to get paid for hanging out there, Right?

Here are links to previous posts: More on the course  Why businesses need it. My health: here and here.

The course registration will launch again soon! You can get on the waiting list here.

How The Course Has Changed My Life

The best part for me is being able to work from home. So many days I can’t get out of bed so it’s perfect. Now don’t get me wrong, it is a lot of work especially in the beginning stages. I have had days I’ve been on my laptop 14+ hours, but it can and does work, key word being work.  There seems to be this misconception that people who work from home don’t really “work.”

I’m here to tell you that is incorrect. However, if you are willing to put in the time and effort it is worth it. Time patience and work. I didn’t take the course and land the first client right away, it took a few weeks and a lot of cold pitches and socializing in Facebook groups and getting some pins circulating on Pinterest.

What I Do

I set up Pinterest business accounts if the client doesn’t already have one. Create 10-15 boards relevant to their niche, with titles, descriptions and a minimum of 10 pins each. I pin their content and content of others in the same niche. I also research and apply to group boards and tribes and schedule pins for them as well.

I set up a custom pinning schedule through Tailwind a scheduling tool. Why Tailwind? Read more on why here. Tailwind accounts are provided by the client, this is more for the clients’ protection than anything. The client will all their information, schedule, and pins with no hassle involved if we would ever stop working together.

Tailwind is such a time saver! If you don’t use it you may want to at least check it out. The 30-day free trial doesn’t require credit or debit card information. After that it’s $15 a month or $120 a year. You can get your account and 30 days free trial through this link.

Tailwind has added some new features since my original post making Tailwind gold! Read more on those awesome new features in this post. I also added a few short video tutorials.


The Fun Stuff

The super fun part….creating custom pins!! I create pins for old and new posts. I love this part more than anything. It’s so much fun playing around with photos, fonts, overlays, and colors. There are a lot of options as far as tools for creation. I use PicMonkey and Canva. With Canva I use the free subscription and the basic version of PicMonkey which is around $100 a year.

At the end of each month, I send each client a monthly update on the Pinterest and Tailwind analytics. Including top performing boards and pins. We keep in contact through email, phone, or Facebook video chats.

You Really Get Paid For This??

Yes!! I do and it’s fabulous. I can’t say enough about how fantastic the course is. Gina and Kristen make it fun and easy to understand. Here is the link again for more information or get on that waiting list!! If you’re on the fence, feel free to reach out to me. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you want to know more about the services I offer check out the services I offer here.  This link will take you to my pin portfolio if you would like to check out my work.

Whether you’re looking for a side hustle or a full time income, this course is well worth it! I might add my first client more than covered the cost of the course. Everything after that has all  been profit!!

I took the course in September took on 2 accounts for free for the experience and late October landed my first paying client!! I was so excited. There honestly is a demand for Pinterest Virtual Assistants and it could get your foot in the door for other opportunities!! It has for me, more on that in a later post.

Just a small update, as of July 2018 I am still going strong as a Pinterest VA. I love every minute of what I do!! Helping others succeed through the power of Pinterest. It’s a win-win for me, because if my clients succeed then so do I!! It’s still not a fulltime income but I have no doubt it will be very soon!! By the way, I am also working for HSN (Home Shopping Network) totally a remote position!! There are so many work from home opportunities out there. Most people think work from home is a scam it is not. There are so many legitimate work from home options. One of my favorite bloggers posts about them often so here’s a link to her page:


Have A Blessed Day, Myla


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