How To Optimize Your Pinterest For SEO


Pinterest and SEO

Pinterest is a visual search engine but with those beautiful pins, you need an awesome SEO strategy as well. Let’s cover some of the ways to up that SEO strategy for Pinterest success!

There are 7 key areas you want to make sure you are using SEO keywords. Before we get into the places let’s talk about how we find the words Pinterest users are searching so we know which keywords we want to use. When I decide what I’m going to write about I go to Pinterest and type the topic into the Pinterest Search bar.

Pinterest Search bar

As you can see you then get a list of words related to your search. I then choose 5-10 of those words to use throughout my blog post, pin descriptions and blog title.

The Places To Add Keywords

  • Pinterest Profile
  • Pinterest Board Names
  • Board Descriptions
  • On The Pin Itself
  • Pin Description
  • Alt Text and Description
  • Blog Post and Title

Your Pinterest Profile

Your profile name should match your blog/business name and you Bio or description should be short simple to the point who you are what you do and keyword rich.

Pinterest Profile Name

As you can see on mine it’s my blog name and what I do and I will use the same keywords in my description.

Pinterest Profile SEO descritption

You also want to make sure your profile picture is a picture of you so your readers connect with you and who you are. If you have a recognizable logo that can also be okay but I recommend your picture unless you are a big business with a logo people know and recognize easily.

Board Names

When choosing names for boards you need to use your keyworded titles. I see a lot of board names with cute titles and while those are cute and great names they aren’t what your audience is searching for. Say your blogging about ladies fashion you would want your board name to say Ladies Fashion or Ladies Spring Fashion something people are searching for. A name like Style It Up isn’t going to pop up in search results so much. I hope that makes sense. Let me know if it doesn’t!

Board Descriptions

When you write your board descriptions you want to sprinkle those keywords in there without being too spammy so 3 or 4 keywords and maybe 1 or 2 relevant hashtags. (YES!! Hashtags really are a thing on Pinterest) I use hashtags as part of my SEO strategy by adding them in boards descriptions as well as pin descriptions.

On The Pin Itself

Pinterest is, after all, a visual search engine so definitely make the pin beautiful and eye-catching. More importantly, add those keywords on that pin so your audience knows exactly what it’s about.

Pinterest categorizes pins with visual similarities. The two visual similarities it picks up on are the image and text on that image, so make those count.

Pinterest visual SEO

For example you know exactly what this post will be about if you click on this pin. Make it simple yet enticing simple easy set up of rich pins is what you know you’ll find when you read that post.

Pin Descriptions

Ahh, yes the pin descriptions. You want to sprinkle your descriptions with your SEO keywords but try not to overdo 3-5 keywords and a short to the point description. There is no need for a long detailed description because it will get cut off in the Pinterest feed so those first 2 or 3 sentences need to count! And absolutely add a few hashtags, one of which should be your branded hashtag then maybe 3 more relevant to the post.

Alt Text

This is one that is overlooked quite often but is very important in your SEO strategy. The alt text should describe exactly what your pin is about short sweet simple and to the point. In case you are unsure where the alt text is here is an example:

Example of where to place alt text description for SEO optimization

Blog Post and Blog Title

Before I choose my title I do SEO research on Pinterest and Google and choose the words that are picked up by both search engines.

I then sprinkle those keywords/longtail keywords throughout my post. After all, if you can find me in a search my post is not helpful to you and definitely doesn’t help me. My primary goals are 1 to provide useful information and 2 attract readers to my blog!

A good SEO strategy will help accomplish both of those goals.


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Have a blessed day, Myla