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Let’s Talk ClickList!!

Why do I love ClickList?  For one I sit here writing this as they are getting my order together! I’m going to dive a little deeper into it and tell you the reasons why I will continue using it.

  • How it works
  • How it saves me money
  • How it saves me time
  • How it cuts out the stress

Online Shopping

How It Works

Kroger has made the process easy to understand and navigate:

  • Log on to your Kroger account (easy to start one if you don’t have one set up)
  • Schedule a pickup day and time
  • You click on what category you would like to choose from
  • Pick your items which go into your cart
  • The cart is on the right sidebar and lets you see amount spent as you shop
  • Once your cart is full you proceed to check out.
  • Kroger employees get your shopping done
  • You come at your scheduled time and the Kroger Click List employee loads it up for you! ( By the way, they are always super friendly and helpful)

How This Saves Me Money

The best part……saving money!  Since I’m not a huge fan of shopping I’m the run in grab what I need or looks best and get out kinda woman. Which means I’m not comparing prices like I should and unfortunately grabbing items I really don’t need.

Since there are no people in aisles and in my way I can sit down take my time with ClickList and compare prices. ( I love the Psst! Brand) I have started buying a lot of generic items this also helps cut cost.

Digital coupons– click on the coupons you want to add to your cart it tags them to the item you purchase and automatically takes the price down.  I like seeing the savings as I go so this for me is a great tool.

The fact that your purchases show up in the sidebar, because if I set my budget to spend $100 I see when I’m getting close and if I need to change out something I can do without for something I need bam! done. Pretty cool, because who hasn’t got to the register thinking they hit their target only to find they went way over? Then either you stand there pick and choose what to take off (knowing folks behind you are not happy) or bite the bullet and pay it anyway. I dislike both of those options.


How It Saves Me Time

I know I said It’s easier to take time and compare prices, which I wasn’t doing with my in grab and go method. Here’s the thing you take out the people (the ones who stand in the middle of the aisle talking and won’t move) the standing in line at the register or searching for an item because they moved it. It actually takes less time to sit compare prices use coupons and check out with Clicklist then it did going in to shop.

It’s a 15-minute drive to my local Kroger so a 30 minute trip instead of the hour and a half to 2 hours. You pull into the designated pickup locations, call the number on the sign and they are right out with your order and have you loaded up and on your way in less than 10 minutes. I have used the service a few times and have never had to wait more than a couple minutes for my order to be out to my car.

NO Lines

How It Cuts Down On Stress

I know kinda seems silly but for me, shopping is torture it honestly is. Working the past 14+years in retail took all the fun out of it.

Meal planning is easier because I’m sticking to the list I decided on. No extra temptations lurking around every corner. Another ClickList bonus.

Choosing healthier options much easier to skip the junk food when those chips and chocolate aren’t staring you in the face. Since I’ve been sick off work and less mobile I have packed on a lot of weight (factor in the almost 3 months of steroids) swollen heavy and uncomfortable. Skipping the junk needs to happen and happens much easier with Click List.

My Final Thoughts

If you are trying to save money on groceries I suggest you give Click List or another store that offers the service a shot. On average I was spending around $130 a week I’m now spending between $90 and $100. If I wasn’t feeding a 14-year-old bottomless pit it could be much less but I am, and that $90-$100 is lasting over a week. Saving is saving and I will continue trying to shave a bit more off.

Dislike crowds or shopping this is also a great alternative. Online shopping is my dream come true!! If I can avoid shopping centers, grocery stores etc I’m doing it. And finding fabulous deals can’t complain!! So there it is, the reasons why I will continue using ClickList!!


Have A Blessed Day, Myla


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