COVID 19 and long haulers. The brain fog is the worst


I thought I would jump on here and give you all an update on my COVID recovery. I am unfortunately a long hauler’ Yay me! The brain fog is the worst!!

A lot of my symptoms are finally starting to get a little better, feeling more energy which is wonderful. However more energy to me may not look the same as more energy for you due to the fact I also have chronic fatigue. The fatigue from COVID though has been a different fatigue, a different headache and different body aches. I still get shortness of breath but can walk a little farther and do a little more before it becomes an issue, and I must break out the lovely inhaler and take a break.  I have also been doing some breathing exercises to help with that.

Randomly still get some chest pains and body aches that mimic the way a person feels when running a fever. These episodes are coming less often and not lasting nearly as long and hopefully they continue to improve.

Brain Fog

Brain fog is by far the worst of all my symptoms. It was an issue I already had due to my other health issues but this, is something far worse than I have ever experienced.

The brain fog unlike the other symptoms seems to be getting worse and affects everything I do. I make mistakes at work and have no explanation why because when I see it for myself or is pointed out by someone else, I literally have no idea what or why and most of the time can’t remember doing it in the first place.

The scariest thing that has happened was earlier this week as I was driving to work and had a complete panic attack because for a split second, I had no idea where I was. It thankfully only lasted a short time, but it was terrifying. This is my first time admitting to this since it happened. I hadn’t told anyone but do plan to schedule an appointment with my Dr. to see what if anything I can do to improve this. Pray for me!!

New Adventures

On to more exciting and happier words. I am going to get back to blogging a little more and am creating new products for my Etsy shop. My sister and I have started a blog together and will be sharing our journeys to finding better health.

I have a store on my other website Mercistox. Right now, I am only selling digital products but am looking into possibly offering physical products as well. T-shirts, mugs, hats etc. It’s just a thought at the moment but something I am interested in trying.

Any other long haulers out there? I would love to hear your story! Please leave a comment or shoot me an email. Have a Blessed Day Myla