Lupus And Food

I’m very new to this Lupus journey so I’m researching and investigating every angle. It appears from what I’m gathering that the foods you eat do not have any effect on lupus. Not to say eating healthier won’t improve your overall health and well being it just has no effect on lupus contrary to what some may tell you.

Now I’m going to be brutally honest I have not tried any of the suggested diet and supplement tips I’ve seen or heard about so I have no concrete proof personally. Trust me I am going to be changing my eating habits, but this is where I get very real for just a minute about what my life is truly like at the moment and then I will move on to let you know what I’m learning about and finding. (and why we are living on Ramen and venison thank goodness my sister is a hunter!!)

Income and Insurance

O.k. my situation is this, been unable to work for several months and was receiving short-term but that ended once my diagnosis came and my Dr. couldn’t give a return to work date. I applied for disability but as many of you probably already know that is a lengthy process and really not the choice I want to take. I’m pursuing my VA biz but not bringing in enough money to pay bills, feed my child and pay medical expenses.

We are struggling more than I care to admit.  I am not on any prescription medications for my symptoms so relief just isn’t in the books at the moment. No insurance little income and then the people who just don’t get it and keep saying you can’t be that sick. YES, I AM anyway enough on that. I don’t tell this to get pity or anything of that nature, it’s just a harsh reality for many of us who suffer from chronic illness/pain. People really need to understand what we are experiencing.


Foods To Avoid

Alfalfa is the number one thing I have seen on every site I have searched pertaining to diet and Lupus. Though there is no actual “Lupus Diet” there are foods that make flare-ups worse or mimic flare-ups. Alfalfa seems to be public enemy number one! This according to National Resource Center On Lupus and also Healthline.

Alfalfa tablets have apparently been associated with reports of a lupus-like syndrome or lupus flares. These effects may include muscle pain, fatigue, abnormal blood test results, changes in how the immune system functions, and kidney problems. And of course cutting back on fatty foods and salt can’t hurt any of us but it can possibly help keep cholesterol levels down and reduce some of the swellings you experience. (I love salt so that’s a tough one!!) Garlic is another one to avoid according to Johns Hopkins

Their list of things to avoid is very eye-opening and gives me some tips on things to discuss my next Dr visit!! read them here

If you plan to add supplements to your diet you need to discuss these with your Dr in case they interact badly with prescribed medications.

Alcohol, drink in moderation( I don’t know about you but a glass of wine now and again is just needed) seriously though depending on what types of medication you’re on alcohol may not be a good choice for you. Make sure to read up on your medications.


Foods That May Be Beneficial

If you take a lot of steroids you may want to consider adding calcium-rich foods to your diet because the steroids can cause osteoporosis or make it worse.

  • Dark Leafy Veggies, Collard greens, broccoli, spinach
  • Dairy products milk, cheese, yogurt etc.
  • Calcium supplements with vitamin D
  • Fresh Fruit and Veggies
  • Fish
  • Water, I didn’t see this on any list but I feel staying hydrated is good in general

Well, unfortunately, there wasn’t this huge long list of things that could be beneficial. We all know we should eat healthily but I guess avoid foods that boost your immune system because our bodies are attacking the healthy pieces of it.  Not going to lie, I am pretty disappointed by these articles because I’m trying to find some hope for myself and others. I am surely not going to give up because this is not the existence I choose to live.

What About Essential Oils?

I would absolutely love to hear from you if you have tried essential oils and found them helpful!! I have tried Peppermint oil in a diffuser for the headaches and no significant difference, however, my house smells amazing! Eucalyptus is another I tried and possibly noticed a boost in my mood and hoped it was that simple. Time will tell I guess.

Those of you have tried any natural remedies including oils I really would love to connect with you and get some pointers and possibly if you’re up for it an interview or post from you to get more information out there for those of us suffering and trying to learn how to function with Lupus or any other chronic condition.

My Faith

Something I don’t talk about often enough is my faith in Christ! My faith is what gets me through each and every day and the one thing in my life I know I can always count on is that he is always with me. On the darkest days when I’m ready to give up, he always has that gentle reminder that this is part of my journey and I will overcome.

My next step is to start sharing more about my faith love and trust in the Lord. After that, I’m thinking of doing a video diary just touching a bit more on a day in the life of someone with a Chronic condition. Even on my worst days. Maybe it will reach someone who needs to be encouraged or possibly we encourage and inspire one another.