Find out more about lupus and the organs


Lupus And Organs

Specifically, I’m going to talk about the G.I. system because it’s something I am personally dealing with. Recently had my Gall Bladder removed because of recurring Gall Bladder attacks, and since the surgery, all I can say is WOW!

Why am I worse now than before the surgery? The only answer I get is you have Lupus your body will heal differently than another person. The surgery was February 5th, 2019 and this is now April 13th I’m still having pain in the upper right side, nausea that feels like morning sickness, either diarrhea or constipation no happy medium.

Researching It I Found This To Be Common

The G.I. system it appears is where a lot of issues come in to play with Lupus and the most affected organs. During my research, I came across this article on The National Resource Center For Lupus which was quite eye-opening since I have so many of these issues going on! It’s a great read and very informational, you can check that out here.

My journey to finding out I have Lupus began with me landing in the hospital in 2017 with pancreatitis which was the beginning of many more health issues to follow. You can read more about my Lupus journey:

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A Bit Off Track Here But This Is Me

As you can see from the links above I have a few posts up about my struggles with Lupus, but what I would really love is to hear your story. It seems everyone’s journey is different and we all suffer and cope in different ways.

What makes me feel worse or the symptoms I have are going to be completely different from yours or the next person. Then again by chance, we may have very similar stories. In any case, I would love to hear and share your story and help bring about more awareness and give support to one another.

If you would like to share your story leave a comment or send a quick email to [email protected]! Or if you just want to talk with someone who understands what you’re going through I’m here reach out!!

What Am I Trying To Alleviate Discomfort

There are things we can do to try and alleviate some of the symptoms of G.I. issues. Right now I have started taking probiotics and Prilosec.

I forgot to mention the FOOD! A process of elimination after having the gall bladder out. There are so many things I could eat before that I now can’t some would make sense but others like bread can be completely out of the question one day and the next fine. A lot of fruit and vegetables are a no go. I call myself a meatatarian somedays yes others, not a chance.

Then there are foods I had to restrict before surgery like lettuce, bell peppers and onions that now give me no issues what so ever! Which makes me happy because I love all of the above.

While there are some things that I just can’t stomach at all anymore it has opened the door for others. And it really does differ day to day. Is this something you struggle with? If so how do you combat it?

Natural Healing Aromatherapy Essential Oils Set for Health, Immunity

Natural, Holistic, Alternative Treatments

I have read up on some possible treatments or diet changes that may help but I’m a little unsure if I want to jump right in with things I really don’t know much about. Any suggestions are definitely welcome.

Have you tried any of these approaches? Were they successful or failures? Any that you would recommend?

I have tried some essential oils for nausea, insomnia aches, and pains and have actually had some relief. Whether it be real or Psychological is another story, but I don’t care. Feeling better was what mattered.

Hemp oil,seeds, etc have been suggested numerous times and I really think I may break down and give it a try.


It has nothing to do with G.I. issues but it is my biggest nightmare and I’m fighting it as I work on this post. This may not end up being one of my best posts because I know it’s all over the place. But, guess what? That’s me and that’s how most of my days have become. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how I manage to get to work every day and actually accomplish anything! Please tell me I’m not alone in the madness we call Lupus!



Have A Blessed Day, Myla