Perfect Day for soccerIT WAS A PERFECT FALL DAY

We were up bright and early Saturday morning. We had a busy day ahead of us with an hour drive to the soccer game ,a wedding to attend shortly after we would get home. I decided to get my make-up on in hopes it would only need a touch up once we got back from soccer. Andrew had his clothes laid out ready to go.

It’s now time to head to the soccer fields in Ripley Ohio a 36 mile trip. I wish I had stopped along the way for pictures. The beautiful fall colors made the trip down there more enjoyable.

Everyone who knows me can tell you I don’t enjoy driving so an hour drive is usually miserable for me. Not this day though it was gorgeous scenery. One o’clock game time so we arrive half an hour before to allow warm up time.

We have a team  of 13 7th and 8th graders 3 girls 10 boys. We see the opposing team arrive and we ( The parents ) comment how small their kids are compared to ours.


Game time! The coach has our kids in positions they rarely play and we were a bit confused and questioning why. I start talking with a parent from the opposing team who tells me they didn’t have enough 7th and 8th graders for a team so they have a lot of 4th and 5th graders.

Now we get why our kids are bigger and why our coach changed  things up a bit. We won 5-0 which may sound horrible but had our kids played as they normally do it probably would have tripled. After the 5th goal they spent most of the rest of the game passing the ball to each other.

Good sportsmanship is important to have and learn from an early age. We are grateful our coaches have always emphasized it to our kids. GAME  OVER!Time to head home and get ourselves wedding ready!!


We jump in the car and head home. Stinky soccer player so he showers gets dressed and says we have a problem. I knew he had grown some but the pants he was going to wear were a little big on him the last time he had them on.

Well they are at least 2 sizes too small now, and the shirt the same. Now we dig through everything he owns to find something close to suitable for a wedding. Shorts and the best shirt he owns that fits!

I  had my things ready before we left and just had to touch up my face and hair. I want to give a shout out to Stila Lipstain.  I put the Stila on at 10a.m. Saturday morning and it lasted the entire day!! 100% recommend it!

The wedding we’re attending is my grandsons cousin and also his basketball trainer as well as several other boys from the team. The boys think he’s the best thing going and were excited to be invited to his wedding. He’s a positive influence and good role model for the kids and parents love him!



We arrive to the venue and we were in awe of the beauty! It’s not far from any of us and we had no idea it existed! Well kept secret! Huge turn out for the wedding between 250-300 guests.

The seating was bales of hay covered in white fabric surrounded by trees with all the fall colors it was breath taking. A perfect spot for an outdoor wedding! Those hay bales were at full capacity as they were filled with family and friends.

The ceremony was perfect! Now time to check out the reception hall ,just as gorgeous as the rest of the place. The Backroom Paradise in New Market Ohio someplace to keep in mind. The fun begins , food music laughter. All around good day!



The last game of regular season and against the team they tied ending their undefeated streak. Needless to say they were eager to get this game going. Our kids and I’m sure the opposing team were determined to go home with a win. Both teams had the same record a of game time 8-0-1.

Our kids started the game off with a goal in the first minute. Great team work as one boy kicks a perfect pass to my grandson Andrew and he hits it with his head GOAL!! The game was intense and a hard victory but they did it.  Our team ends regular season in first place. 9-0-1.

Now we start preparing for tournaments and a chance to go to state. Last year was the first year they didn’t make it and they are determined to get back this year.

Overall we had a pretty good weekend. I’m completely exhausted. The health problems I’m having have kept me home in bed for most of the past 2 months so it was all a little too much for me. I’m thankful to have been able to make it to everything.

1st Place Team


Have a blessed day, Myla


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