Pinterest 101

Pinterest 101

Let’s talk about the core basics or Pinterest 101. With the constant changes on Pinterest (and every other platform for that matter), it can be very confusing and frustrating. There may be times you just want to scream or pull your hair out.

My hope is this post will make things a little easier and less confusing. Pinterest is constantly growing and evolving, which is fabulous news for everyone!! The more they grow and evolve, the more we can grow and evolve as content creators and business owners.

Yes, things change and they change often and new best practices are put in place. However, there are Pinterest basics that stay the same throughout all the changes.

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5 Basics To Live By For Pinterest Success

Content is king, relevant useful content If you think about Pinterest as the search engine it is you know people are going there to find ideas. Inspiration for weddings, parties, recipes, beauty, hair, businesses. Anything and everything you can think of. If you have useful ideas and information on just about any topic Pinterest is the place to be. If you have something to share chances are someone else is looking for it.

Pinterest is a visual search engine, it started out as a visual search engine and has remained just that. The key here is Pinterest is a visual search engine, so you want to create eye-catching visually attractive pins that will stand out in a sea of pins. I create all of my graphics on Pic Monkey and Canva. Canva has a free subscription and it’s all you really need. I use the paid version simply because it offers more storage and makes it easier to keep each clients content separate.

Your pins should tell a story that lets the pinner know exactly what they will find when they clickthrough that pin. What problem are you solving what question will you answer? If you struggle with pin creation there are tons of places you can go for inspiration. Maybe you just want to hand that off to someone else. ( I do offer pin creation) Tailwind also offers free pin templates you can go grab those here.

Tailwind if you didn’t already know is an amazing scheduling tool approved by Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Yes, you can schedule all of the above!! You can grab your first month free. No need to add payment information the first month is absolutely free no strings attached. Grab your 30-day free trial today!!

SEO Is Key

SEO– or search engine optimization is key to anyone’s success not only on Pinterest, Google, but Bing or any other search engine also relies on SEO to find the answers people are looking for. There are some key differences for Pinterest search because it is a visual search engine. You need to be sure the text on your pin, pin description, and boards your pinning to all contain proper SEO. In a previous post, I share some useful tips on how I do some of my SEO research. You can check that out here.

Consistency-just continuing to add value to the pinner. If you continue adding new fresh relevant content it will continue showing up in the searches pinners will easily find you. Consistently being there and adding value to their lives will grow a relationship they will learn to know you are genuine and genuinely want to help them.

Keep doing what you do and keep showing up!!

Engagement-Yes!! Engaging with others and being real, true and authentic will help you be successful on Pinterest When others see that you are genuine and there for a purpose, to help others succeed and help solve problems that trust factor kicks in.

Engage and be engaging, let your readers/followers know you are real. authentic and genuinely want to help them solve their problems. Think of it this way, have you ever gone to someone for advice but can see they are only going through the motions and don’t really care if they give you the right answer? A DR for instance who just makes you feel like you’re interrupting their day or just an inconvenience to them? That’s the DR you don’t stay with. You find one who cares and actually listens and shows compassion, you stay with them because you trust they truly care and want to help you.

We want our readers/followers to know our goal is to help them solve a problem, help them grow. Whatever their need is we have an answer and we are listening and searching for ways to make their lives better.

The New Best Practices

Pinterest has updated the best practices and to coincide with those Tailwind has added a new feature called smart guide to help us all stay within those best practices. Tailwind and Pinterest partnered together for a Facebook Live to share the new information.

I will share these links so you can watch and hear it from the experts. Tailwind and Pinterest updated best practices

I hope this post made things easier to understand. If you have any questions please leave a comment or shoot me an email at [email protected] If I don’t have the answer I will do my best to find someone who does!