Why do I keep saying if you aren’t using Pinterest to promote your business you’re missing out? This post will hopefully answer some of your questions.



Pinterest has between 150 million and 175 million monthly users. Approximately 88% of those users make a purchase 45% of those have made more than 5 purchases. Generally when someone jumps on Pinterest and starts searching it’s because they need a certain item or ideas for projects. What’s great about that for small businesses is if you’re on Pinterest and have eye-catching pins with the right search engine optimized  (SEO) description your business will pop up in their feed.

Unlike other social media platforms, the users on Pinterest have complete control of what content is on their pages. Facebook, Twitter, and others you constantly see ads that aren’t relevant to anything in your life. The ads on other social media pages only last 25-80 minutes where pins last weeks, months even years depending on the amount of re-pins. That’s great news for small businesses! Pins are created in a way that’s eye catching and unlike ads, they grab attention and draw in your customers.


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There are so many topics to blog about and generally if you decided to blog about it someone else is looking for information on that topic or it hits home with what they might be going through. A lot of those readers found you on Pinterest I would guess at least 80% came from a click on one of your pins.

A big part of those who come to your site will become subscribers and followers because you have what they need. You maybe offer training courses or have a product they want or need.

I have heard followers on Pinterest mentioned over and over. How many followers you have isn’t as important as the traffic that you get. I have 636 followers but as of today, my monthly viewers is 380k as a result of that my blog is getting around 800 daily views.


The main reason for this is because I pin daily with a scheduling tool. I use Tailwind and I love it. You can choose custom settings to pin at the right time. Timing is also key, Pinterest is busiest in the evening and on weekends when most people are off work and looking for what they need.

Being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant as well I’m constantly researching ways to get pins noticed for myself and my clients. The average pin is re-pinned 11 times and receives 6 clicks to the link you provide. Making those pins bright, colorful and eye-catching is important, another thing is trying to find a style that fits your brand and your customers can easily spot and know it’s you.


Search engine optimization or SEO is also key to get traffic to your blog. I like to type keywords into the Pinterest search bar to see what pops up and then make sure to include them in the title and content I post. Another really cool feature is the showcase and I use this tool to create a best of board so mine or my clients content is easily found and displayed in n eye catching professional manner.


Group boards!! I almost left out Tribes and Group Boards one of the best and easiest ways to get more eyes on your business is by joining group boards and tribes. There are several collaborators with a lot of followers and traffic so by re-pinning and sharing others pins they share yours and bam your audience grew.


Think about the fact there are 2 million  people pinning every single day. That’s a lot of people a lot of traffic and a lot of $$$$$. According to Shopify  Pinterest is the number 1 social media avenue driving shoppers to their site. The average purchase is $50.

Orders from mobile devices have increased 140 % in just 2 years. Those numbers are sure to grow as more and more consumers discover how much easier it is to get on their phone, Ipad, tablet whatever it may be and click a couple links and order placed.

Imagine how many customers you could potentially be reaching just by simply having that Pinterest business account.  E Commerce is big business and online shopping is rapidly growing in popularity.

Not to say all shopping is done online but if you want more business an online presence is definitely a plus. Pinterest is the best place to build awareness of your brand and draw in those customers.

Pinterest Virtual Assistants are Pros at this so if you want to grow that presence but don’t have the time or not sure how or where to start I can help. Contact me and we can discuss growing your business!!


Pinterest just keeps getting better! They now have a new feature that allows customers to scan your profile picture to make it easier for them to shop your site!! What that means for you is more sales.

I see it this way if I’m looking at purchasing something from you and you offer another item that goes with or compliments that item I scan your pin code and Pinterest shows me what you have to offer. The customer scans your code and Pinterest does the rest.

Pinterest just made life easier for your customers!! Make sure you check out the new feature and grab your pin code!! This is just one more reason YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS PINTEREST.


I hope this post answered some of your questions, if not please feel free to contact me via email at [email protected] I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

The power Pinterest has to drive traffic to your business is huge. I 100% believe if you aren’t utilizing it you are missing out on a lot of business. If you just aren’t into Pinterest or still on the fence I offer a thirty  minute consultation where we could discuss strategies I have to drive traffic to your business and have several plans I offer to help make that happen.  I’ll include a link to my services page here. Stop by check out what I offer and get in touch!!


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