My honest Plexaderm review

What Is Plexaderm??

I was completely out of the loop and hadn’t heard of it until my sister said she had tried it. She told me about her experience with it and offered to let me give it a try to see if our results would be the same. So what is Plexaderm??

The claim is it will diminish bags under the eyes and lines on your face in just minutes. Plexaderm is made by True Earth Health Products, and it contains silicates and hyaluronic acid which are said to lift wrinkles, tighten bags, and create a smoother, healthier, younger looking complexion all without prescriptions, expensive injections, or painful surgery.

Apparently, it’s a hot item at the moment so I decided to read some reviews and look at before and after photos and videos. I didn’t find many negative reviews at all and the photos and videos looked great. ( Most of the reviews are done by folks who are affiliates) Needless to say, I still couldn’t wait to give it a try.

It is a bit costly for my taste and I may never have tried it had my sister not offered to let me give it a try. A hefty price tag of $79.95 for a 30 day supply.

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What Does It Do?

According to the makers of Plexaderm, these are results you should expect:

  • a decrease in the appearance of under-eye bags

  • a decrease in the appearance of dark circles under eyes

  • a decrease in the appearance of crow’s feet & wrinkles surrounding the eyes

  • a decrease in the appearance of smile lines

  • a visual decrease in the depth of forehead lines

How Does It Work

Again according to the website this is how they say it works:

  • The silicate minerals from shale clay form a temporary tightening layer on your skin
  • The invisible layer works to visibly tighten and lift wrinkles around your eyes in minutes
  • It smooths skin surrounding under-eye bags making them shrink in minutes
  •  The results are not permanent, but you’ll love the way you look after your very first use

You can go to their website and find this and much more information including before and after photos and testimonials.

Depending on if you go by what the tube says or what the website and infomercial say it takes 3-10 minutes for it to dry and the results to show. The tube the product comes in says to remain expressionless 3-5 minutes. The website and commercials say 10 minutes. I tried both ways and tried in different areas of my face.

My Results

My lovely before and after photos are below. You can definitely see a difference, my bags are almost gone and the visible lines around my mouth are smoother. Not gone but definitely a noticeable difference.

Once you apply the product you are to remain expressionless for approximately 10 minutes while it dries. During this time you can actually feel your skin tightening as the product dries.


Photos showing before and after with Plexaderm
Before & After Plexaderm
Photo with make-up after Plexaderm
After with make-up

As you can see I added a third photo of me with my make-up on. The reason for this is this is when things get a bit tricky. You have to dad that foundation on very lightly and gently in the areas the Plexaderm was applied.

Why you ask? Simple it actually starts cracking and coming off with the addition of the foundation or any other product such as a primer. My face looks smooth and the bags under my eyes are barely there, so I was happy with this results!

The Catch

Oh yes, there is always a catch! The product only lasts a couple hours, unless you start sweating then you have much less time with your wrinkle and bag free face.

The more you talk and make facial expressions the less time you have. Once it starts to crumble it then starts flaking a little so you have to keep wiping it off, if not you appear to have dry flaky crusty skin on your face. ( Not a pretty sight by any means)

Would I Recommend It To A Friend

Depending on the friend and the situation I may possibly recommend it. If a friend is going to get pictures taken and wants to look as fresh and wrinkle-free as possible, sure. Perfect for pictures, or maybe a dinner or small get together I would recommend it but with caution because of the cracking and flaking.

Everyday use of the product, no recommendation from me because it’s just a quick fix that lasts a short period of time. The cost alone would stop me from purchasing it for everyday use. ( Actually would stop me period)

Overall in my opinion it’s not worth the cost. Many others may completely disagree and you may want to try it out yourself and see what results you get.

My sister will be writing a review for the product as well and I will be sharing her thoughts on Plexaderm with you all once she finishes up on it!!

Have you tried Plexaderm? Or been curious if it works? I would love to know your thoughts and experiences with this product. Please leave a comment and let us know.


Have a blessed day, Myla

2 thoughts on “PLEXADERM REVIEW

  1. Plexaderm is simply sodium silicate and magnesium citrate, with a couple of other standard face cream ingredients.
    You can purchase the same combination of ingredients on Amazon for $7.00.

    1. I have seen the same type products and I wouldn’t buy any of them. The Plexaderm definitely didn’t work once make up was applied or if I smiled. I think I’ll just be happy wrinkles and all 🙂

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