May 21,2016 my dad isn’t feeling well and heads to the Emergency Room at a local hospital and from there sent to a hospital better equipped for testing and Drs needed. Fast forward a few days and a biopsy we get the news. Stage 4 Glioblastoma  a rare rapidly growing brain cancer.  Inoperable because its in the center of his brain.

Dads a fighter so he chooses to do treatments and try to fight this ugly disease. So we start our daily 45 minute trips for radiation and an extra hour and a half trip once a week for chemo. The trips were hard on him, well all of us. As we tried to remain hopeful and supportive. It didn’t take long to realize it was going to be a short lived battle.


Everyone who knew and loved him did their best to make it memorable. We smiled through tears. Smiled through heart ache and disappointment. Cried happy tears while creating new special memories and reminiscing the past.


Our dad was a good man not a mean bone in his body. A strong Christian and the love he had for our mom  was magical and beautiful and everyone could see it. We lost dad exactly 4 months after the initial trip to the hospital. September 21,2016 2 weeks before their 51st Anniversary.

When we talk about him or think of him we still smile through the tears because we love him and he would want us to smile when we think of him.

Fathers Day 2016 I knew this was my last fathers Day with my dad all 3 of us kids knew. So we made it special for him and us. I wrote a poem which I’m going to share with you all.


On this Fathers Day I said a little prayer

to thank God for blessing me with you.

Some are not as lucky as I, for they

don’t have a father as wonderful as you.

A father who is strong and true. A father

who loves their mother in the way you do.

A father who worked hard day and night 

to provide them a stable life.

A father to love them no matter what they do

A father who always said I love as he tucked you 

in at night.

They have no memories of dancing in the living room.

No memories of mountains,camping trips or days

at the zoo. Catching fish and hunting mushrooms.

You may not have known back then you were creating

memories that would last a lifetime. But you did.

Every moment of my childhood are memories I will

forever cherish.

On this Fathers Day I want to thank you  for being

the kind, caring, loving, Christian man that you are.

And for giving me the privilege to call you my dad.

I love you dad and thank God for you everyday.


As I sit here writing this I still smile through the tears.

The pain doesn’t get better or go away but we move forward because

we have to. So we will keep on smiling through our tears.


Have a blessed day, Myla



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