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Obviously the opinions in this post are mine and mine alone, I felt I needed to get that out of the way, since I am not alone on this blog.The Fifty Shades debate has been going on for sometime now. (years) It probably would have been less successful and went away faster had people not started making such a big deal of it.

In my opinion if you didn’t read the books and aren’t in love with the story of Christian and Ana, you shouldn’t watch the movies. You also shouldn’t pass any judgement if you haven’t read Fifty Shades of anything.

It was my choice to read it just as it’s your choice not to. But guess what… judging me and thinking you’re better than I am because my choice is different than yours doesn’t shed a pretty light on you either.  And because so many people seem to run towards negativity than from it, you folks probably sold more tickets for it than any type of positive opinion.

Those folks who want to say it’s about a man controlling or abusing a woman have it all wrong. For one of two reasons first, they probably haven’t read it or two read it after hearing all the negativity and decided to be offended before they opened the book.( and no it’s not for everyone) By the end of the third book Anastasia feels empowered, confident and happy….yes that’s right happy! Tough pill to swallow, I know but it’s how the story goes.

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It’s A Love Story

Yes, the story starts off with Christian wanting Ana to be his sub,and chasing after her buying her gifts etc. There is also  quite a bit of focus on his past subs (who all by the way read and signed contracts and had safe words in place) . And then there was Leila and her mental issues which play a big part in Darker. Moving on and Fast forward a bit, she’s not o.k. with this arrangement and ends up leaving him. (After asking to be spanked and realizing this was not the life for her)

(I’m not trying to delve into the whole book in this post just a few topics and my opinion on them) I’ll leave links for the books if you want all the dirt! Read the books don’t watch the movies, they don’t even begin to cover the stories.


He then realizes he loves her and doesn’t want to live without her.She loves him they eventually get back together. Under her terms more than his. Yes there is definitely some “kinky f******” in the books (but very little of that is in the  movies) and he doesn’t deny the fact that he’s” fifty shades f***** up”. And yes he lavished her with expensive gifts and tried on more than one occasion to get that contract signed.

She however stood her ground and didn’t I repeat didn’t agree to give into all his sexual fantasies. (not abuse/not rape all consensual) They fall hopelessly in love despite the rocky beginning and all the craziness surrounding them. Leila, Jack Hyde, Eleana, the contract etc.

The Media Attention

I love, love, love the books. But did I think all the media hype was necessary? Not at all. It wasn’t necessary to treat it (or any other movie) as if it was big news. The hype stirred up the drama. (which I’m sure sold more tickets) The movies have grossed over 1 billion world wide, I’m guessing that wouldn’t have happened without the coverage.

But my opinion a lot of things would happen less without the medias over coverage. School shootings for example, yes mention it during the news hour but don’t show it live and don’t play it over and over giving other kids ideas.. I’ll stop there. Maybe my next post should be how I feel about media coverage in general.

The Movies VS The Books

I’m going to be completely honest here, if I hadn’t read the books I may not have watched the movies. And there’s a good chance if I had seen the first movie and not read the books, I wouldn’t have went to the second one. The first of the trilogy was obviously a low budget film and was nothing spectacular. However, being in love with their story and knowing what Darker had in store, I had to go see it.

Darker was much better, higher quality and I felt the acting and connection was much better. Freed in my opinion took it to another level. My only complaint is that it wasn’t long enough. There were so many important things left out that another 30-45 minutes should have been added on.

The books, well we all know the book is always better than the movie. They are so well written you can actually see their story unfold in front of your eyes! I read all three of the Fifty Shades books and Grey , just started reading Darker  (incase you didn’t know this is the story from Christians perspective).

They  Get Married And Have Children

Yep, married with children living in a beautiful home and beautiful surroundings. So as you see it’s more of a he was a mess, she was shy and awkward (she played that part well) he falls in love and it changes him. She stands her ground and it empowers her. She goes from quiet awkward Anastasia Steele to Mrs. Grey will see you now.

I realize a lot of people will disagree with my pint of view, but I’m fine with that! I needed to let off some steam (which really has nothing to do with the books or movies) so this is what I chose for an outlet for today.

Whether you love it or hate leave a comment and let me know your take on Fifty Shades.


Have A Blessed Day, Myla

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