What hapened to teaching children about good sportsmanship?



Now before I get too far into this rant I just want to say that yes I am very vocal at sports events. I cheer the kids on, I yell at mine if I think he could’ve done better etc. I really get loud when the Refs make numerous bad calls and yes a lot of those times I’m wrong. I have no problem admitting it and I’m not at all proud of myself after. However I do not bully or harass anyone’s child!

What I really want to touch on is parents encouraging their kids to purposely cause harm to another child. Or the parents calling the kids names and flat out being obnoxious bullies. Our kids had a game this weekend where these very things happened and this is what my rant will touch on.

When did we throw good sportsmanship out the window? When did you decide it was acceptable to bully children? I would hate to see what goes on in your home.

Adults who are bullies!


If you are calling a thirteen year old child names (which I not only won’t say but also won’t type) you sir are a bully. The p#@%& word should have never left your mouth. How can you possibly ever think that appropriate in any situation??? Especially while speaking to a CHILD!!

There was also the they should have gutted you comment, and that’s what you get , you asked for it comments! I am outraged that any adult would say that to a child, especially over a basketball game!!?? A middle school game at that!

In my opinion that is a bully and you are an adult and should lead by example. Teach your children about dignity, respect and being a good decent human being. Not encouraging them to be mean nasty hateful miserable people. I honestly hope it was only one adult saying these things I would hate to think there was more than one person there who was ignorant enough to behave like that.

Here we are trying to teach our kids not to be bullies because it’s hurtful. It’s wrong and it causes serious depression. The age that kids think about suicide the most is around 13-14. The same age as the child you sat behind and mocked harassed and bullied. Aren’t you just a fine upstanding human being! I’d bet you were even proud of yourself!

Here’s a thought…. maybe next time walk over and say it to a parent. That won’t happen though will it? Any man who harasses a child doesn’t have the guts to stand up to an adult!!!!!!!

Suicide in teens is happening at higher rates


The picture I posted up above goes hand in hand with the stop bullies picture, How sad is it that our children are committing suicide at such young ages and a lot of those are because of being bullied. You never know what someone else is going through. You should show respect and kindness to everyone.

ESPECIALLY CHILDREN!! I’m so angry and I have so many mean hateful things I could say but won’t because unlike you I respect myself enough not to!

You may never read this but someone else mght

I know the parent I’m speaking of in particular most likely will never see or read this post. Someone else might and maybe just maybe it will make them think twice about verbally abusing and bullying another child.

When you head out to the next game with your child I hope there is no one like this man sitting in the stands!

I will take my own advice and be a little kinder to the refs who really don’t have to be there but are so the kids can play!!

Let the kids have fun


The kids love the game, they love to get out there and put their all into it. As parents we should want that for them. So as you head to the next game remind yourself a few things:

  • One it is just a game
  • Two they are children/teenagers
  • Three let the kids do what they love
  • Four remember the old saying do unto others? Keep that thought in your mind

Thank you for stopping in and reading this. if you know someone who could benefit from it pass it along!!




Have a Blessed Day, Myla

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