WE JOINED THE CLUB!!! (Smile Direct)

The Smile Direct Club

Why we joined and why we plan to share our journey with all of you!! Andrew had braces for 2 years but once they came off even with retainers his teeth slowly started going back to the way they were.

We decided to try Smile Direct after reading several reviews and discussing it with our dentist. It’s so much cheaper and will be easier to do without all the trips to the orthodontist.

Smile Direct Smile Stretcher

How It Works

You simply order the impression kit. Once it arrives you use the smile stretcher to take good photos of the mouth, teeth, gums and send them by email. Next, you do the impressions take a couple of pictures while you’re doing the impressions. You place them back into the box which they sent them in and provided return shipping for.

Within 3 days we received an email letting us know our impressions were received and they would let us know if he was a good candidate once their dentists had taken a look at both the pictures and impressions. The next day we got the email letting us know we qualified!! I paid the deposit and they started on his new smile!

Two weeks later we receive his new aligners!! Best part they send a 6 month supply with all the tools needed to put them in and take them out. So now the adventure begins and we are going to share his new smile journey with you. From day one to the end so that you will know if it’s actually working.

Week One

The aligners came on Tuesday and he put them in immediately. The aligners really are invisible you can barely tell they’re in his mouth!! The fit is tight (as we expected) and a little tenderness in the gums (also expected) no serious pain and easy to put in and take out.

Week one with Smile Direct Invisible Aligners

He has to wear them day and night with the exception of when he eats or if he drinks something really hot or cold. Because of that, they send a nice little container to carry with you to put them in.

Week one Smile Direct

Everything comes in one box that’s set up for easy storage and makes it so easy to keep track of which set you use each week. A handy tool to make it a bit easier to take the aligners out. I can’t forget the whitener that comes along with it. He was thrilled about that little unexpected extra.

What You Can Expect To Receive In Your Box

Six months of invisible aligners AKA your new smile

6 Months of aligners



A tool to Remove aligners

A smile stretcher for those 90-day photos for your orthodontist

Instruction booklets

A case to place the aligners in when you take them out to eat, drink, ETC.


Just The Beginning Of His Smile Journey

I will post new pictures and updates every week just so you can see how his smile is coming along. That way if you have been on the fence about it you will have just a bit more information on the products and how the work.



Have a Blessed Day, Myla

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