5 profitable blog niches to start today

Blogs About Blogging 

I don’t know about you but I have noticed the bloggers making money are the bloggers who blog about blogging. I obviously read the blogs myself, I mean I’m new so I soak up all the info I can.

Is this the only niche that’s profitable? The answer is no it’s not but it appears to be the most profitable. Search after search it seems to be on top. The key really is that people want to learn and they want to make money.

I’m New To Blogging What Do I Have To Offer?

Truth is we all have something we can offer. Is there something others come to for to get advice? This question is more for me than you if I’m being honest. Merchandising is my thing and customer service all day.

I was in the retail world 10 years as a Department Manager, 1-year 3rd shift Support Manager and 1 year an Assistant Manager. I had people ask for advice or ideas, but how do I put that to use here …in a blog?


All visual all day! Perfect I can rock this! Right?? I see an ad while reading a blog from one of my favorite bloggers about taking this course. Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant so I click and I sign up. I’m off work on medical leave perfect time to learn something new.

I’m thinking this is it this job is made for you. You will be making money in no time. While I still 100% believe this job was made for me, it is a lot of work. I’m putting in endless hours trying to network get noticed and find the right clients. Am I making this big income after only a month, of course not? Did I hope to …yes. Do I recommend this course ABSOLUTELY Pinterest is my dream job!

Getting Noticed in a Sea of Pins

Let’s talk about challenging. Millions of beautiful pins floating around out there. I haven’t hit that one yet to go totally viral but I was excited by one that had been seen on Pinterest 2098 times in a week!!

I love love, love creating pins. I am excited to be able to say I have 2 clients I’ve offered one month service in exchange for testimonials. One of which is so happy she has decided to become my first paying client!!! YES!! If you love Pinterest and think this is a good fit for you check out the course and Get on the waiting list here.

So Why Am I Bringing Up Pinterest?

Simple, one of the best places to get seen is Pinterest. It’s basically a search engine and people are there for inspiration. If you are say a DIY blogger and I’m looking for project inspiration and I click on your pin and you’re offering great tips.

I’m coming back and if you have something to sell or have a link to something I need bam! You earned a little cash and a loyal customer. In turn word of mouth and repins more traffic.

Hopefully, I DIDN”T Lose You 

If you can’t tell I love florals and pinks !!

If you should decide to come visit me again a fair warning I am totally random and my blog will be just like me. I will say I have been pretty good so far but I kind of woke up today and decided my readers are going to be like me so I need to be me.

Top 5 Money Making Blogs 

Back to the question, do you have to blog about blogging to earn income? Earlier my answer was no. So here are what I have found to be the top 5 you can profit from. Though I believe done right you can profit from any niche.

  • How to Make Money
  • Personal Finance
  • Health/Fitness
  • Self Improvement
  • Lifestyle

Basically, if you are offering advice or links to useful resources you can have a successful money making blog!

First You Have To Get That Blog Started

Number one piece of advice, if you want to make money blogging do not use a free website. There are plenty out there that are low cost but highly reputable. Myself I went with GoDaddy because it’s easy to use and as a newbie I need easy.

There are so many out there so research the ones you think you may be interested in and I am posting a link here to my favorite bloggers. She’s been doing this for a few years and has a lot of useful information and resources listed.

Content, content, content keep doing what you love ..blogging of course!! If you don’t write you will never have an audience, right? Success doesn’t happen overnight or without hard work and determination. So NEVER GIVE UP!! If you need help setting up your blog we can help https://www.vasisters.com/


Another way to make money from your blog is through affiliate links. For instance, I am an affiliate for Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant so if you should click the link in this post and purchase the course I would earn a commission from that. (At no extra cost to you)

Some chose not to go that route. Others like myself I  decided why not especially if its something I believe in. I have links to Amazon as well if you purchase an item through my link I earn a commission. I will only use places I have researched and trust.

I Hope You Found This Post Useful

I’d love for you to keep coming back, so if you have any suggestions or ideas for topics you want to know more about just send me an email!!

Have a blessed day Myla


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