Why Starting A Virtual Assistant Business Could Be A Good Fit If You Have Lupus. (or any other chronic illness)


Why A Virtual Assistant You Say?

Number one there are so many in-demand services that you could offer and you could potentially be on the path to a full-time work from home career. Number two you can work at your own pace in the comfort of your home. (nap and take breaks when you need to) Perfect for those of us who suffer on a daily basis from pain and exhaustion. (also great for introverts!) My first really bad flare-up of Lupus is what got me on the VA and blogging path.

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I started blogging and working as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant two years ago while I was unable to work and discovered two no three very important things. One is I love blogging but it requires a lot of patience, hard work and time. Two I could spend my life on Pinterest and never tire of it. ( yes I am still a Pinterest VA)Three I did miss the steady flow of income, so I went back to work. (but still hoping to build up enough savings to feel comfortable enough to leave the 9-5)

You can read more about my journey to my diagnosis and starting my blog and Pinterest Biz here and the course that got me started.

Why It Might Be The Perfect Job For You

If you suffer from any type of chronic illness you already know things that other people think nothing of are completely exhausting and sometimes painful for us.

Working from home with your own VA business puts you in charge of where you work when you work who you work with. Which means on days you just can’t get out of bed you don’t have to. As long as you take care of your clients and get your work done it doesn’t matter when you do it or if you work from the comfort of the bed in your PJ’s.

How Do You Get Started?

The first step is knowing why you want to be a virtual assistant and what services you plan to offer. With so many businesses out there you can offer virtually any services.

Decide what you’re good at, what you KNOW you can do and how you can help others doing it. Keep in mind there are so many courses out there if you feel you don’t have the skills or need to brush up on the ones you have.

Set clear goals and stay focused on those goals. Make a list of tasks to complete daily, weekly and monthly. ( There are many tools out there you can use to help stay organized like Trello or Asana) I use Trello and my lovely journal, I still like writing it down and having that hard copy at hand.

You Decided The Services You Want To Offer, Now What

Now it’s time to find clients right? But how, and where do I even start looking?

Once I decided services I wanted to offer I started working on my sales page that outlines the services I offer how I can help and who I can help.

Then I joined a few Facebook groups where I felt people I could help would be hanging out and started reading posts and seeing who I may be able to help and started off with offering my first month of service for a small fee or free! But only one month.

Next, I started cold pitching and tried to send at least 5 emails per day to those I felt could use my help. I won’t lie I probably sent 100 emails before landing my first client and that was after advice from another blogger about changing up my email template.

These are the two basic email pitches I use and just change up the wording a little depending upon what services I feel I can provide to benefit them.

Pitch 1:

I am contacting you because I recently visited your (website/ blog )and see that you may not have a Pinterest account and wanted to see if you were interested in getting help setting one up. Pinterest is a very powerful tool for helping grow your business. I’m a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and am getting positive results for the clients I have already signed on.
If this is something you may be interested in you can check out the services I offer here:……….

Thank you for your time, Myla

Pitch 2:

I am contacting you because I recently visited your (website/blog)and see that you have a Pinterest account you may need help with. Pinterest is a very powerful tool for helping grow your business. I’m a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and am getting positive results for the clients I have already signed on.
If this is something you may be interested in you can check out the services I offer here: ……….

Thank you for your time, Myla

Short and to the point and I started getting responses! Not all yes’s but I did sign on my first client after changing it up!

In my last post, I talked about services you can offer and places to find clients. Learn more here.

Let’s Support Each Other On This Journey

I genuinely mean this, if I in any way can help you get started in your business or just offer you support on your worst days I’m here. Reach out to me.

We should hold each other up and help each other through. Stay strong and keep fighting!!

Have a Fabulous Day, Myla

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