Tailwind is key in my business. Although I love Pinterest and if it were possible I would be manually pinning all day every day. Not only would that not benefit me it definitely wouldn’t benefit my clients for a number of reasons. One being I would literally be pinning around the clock. With Tailwind I set up that schedule and it does the rest. Number one benefit (In My Opinion) it schedules at the best times to drive that traffic to my site!

Imagine how much I would need to charge to make it worth my time! I wouldn’t have time for anything else in my life and let’s face it that’s not an appealing idea.

With Tailwind I can set aside one (sometimes two) days a week and set up a daily pinning schedule with custom times. Yes, Tailwind literally tells you the best times to be pinning to get the best results!!


Tailwind is packed full of useful information and I’m going to tell you a few of my favorite features they make my job so much easier!!

  • One is the bulk scheduling. You can click on as many images as you want and schedule them at one time.
  • Two you can also create custom days, times and boards for pins
  • Three setting a custom schedule. Tailwind sets automatically the best times, but you also have the option to add or delete times.
  • (I schedule 100 pins a day for instance)
  •  Four Analytics reports full of useful information:
  • Organic Traffic, referral traffic
  • How many pins you pinned
  • Top impressions tons more but you get the idea!!

Your business (my opinion) needs Tailwind as much as it needs Pinterest. The two just go hand in hand.

One of many stats Tailwind provides


Did you know you can also schedule your Instagram posts with Tailwind? One Tailwind account two social media networks scheduled and ready for business.  The video below goes over how Tailwind helps you find the best Hashtags for your post. Making each post as successful as possible. Tailwind also has this lovely feature showing the best days and times for posts based on your followers!! Click here to get started


What are Tailwind Tribes and why do you want, no why do you need to join them? (# five of my favorite features)

Tailwind Tribes fall along the same lines as Pinterest Group Boards but are easier to join. With group boards, you may have noticed you need to email or message the board admin (a big part of those never reply) to ask to be accepted into the group. Tribes however you can actually join some with just a click of a button, others may require approval but still just that one click. I am in 10 Tribes I had no issues joining.

Another huge perk (In My Opinion) I now pin most of my content straight from Tribes!! It's a no-brainer, you get to know your tribes so you already have a good idea what you're going to find in there, and that you know you can trust it!! You share they share and about that sharing!! The reach you can get from tribes is amazing. Below you can see the potential of how many sets of eyes could be on your pins just from joining tribes!

How may potential eyes are on your pins!


If you can't tell I am a huge fan of Tailwind! It's a game changer in my book. As I mentioned earlier it's a key piece of my business. As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, it's so important to make sure your clients are getting the best possible results you can get for them. You can sign up for the first month free here after that it's 9.99 for the annual package ($119 a year) or $15 a month if you choose the monthly option. You can also join my tribe Endless Possibilities!

I also (obviously) blog and since the majority of my traffic comes from Pinterest it is also important to get my content out there in front of as many eyes as possible. Unfortunately, I have fallen behind just a bit as my VA business has really started picking up. Which is a good thing right? Gotta pay those bills. You can also click on the banner below to sign up for your free month.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


I love the ease of signing up for the initial 30 days. No credit card required so no worries of forgetting to cancel (though I don't know why you would) and then finding those unexpected charges. You don't have to call or chat with someone who will tell you fifty reasons you should stay.

To me, that speaks volumes! Tailwind is offering a service that will make your life easier. No need to be pushy or "salesy" the proof is in the pudding as they say.

Once you sign up and if you decide to stay (and I hope you do) come back and shoot me a comment or email. I'm thinking of starting my own tribe!! Join my team then we can be tribe mates and have fun sharing content!! Ready to get started? You can just click here!

Join My Tribe Endless Possibilities!


Have A Blessed Day and keep on pinning , Myla

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